Please note that as of October 2013, I've left the United States for an extended and indefinite overseas trip. You can follow me on my travels through my site: www.augustplanet.com

My name is Michael Tannery and I'm a professional home organizer based in Prescott, Arizona, and I cover the Prescott, Phoenix, and Sedona areas. My company, MT Home & Organization, primarily focuses on decluttering, organizing, and downsizing homes. We all live busy and complicated lives, and when you need to clear space in your home and in your head, I'm here to help.

I've also helped clients in goal setting, time and task management, home staging and redecorating, and even personal assistant duties. Many don't realize that when you simplify and organize your possessions, you bring order into your life. As a professional organizer, I'll work with you to figure out what works best for your lifestyle, your spaces, and your personal life goals. I'll help you reorganize, redecorate, and renew. Check out my client testimonials.

Michael organized my life!

about me

As a lifestyle and aesthetic minimalist, I'm familiar with the feelings of calmness and lightness that come with having things organized, only keeping things that you love, and living in a beautiful space. I use these same principles when I work for clients in bringing order into their lives. My diverse background of working in various fields (chemistry, manufacturing, hospitality & travel, administrative, and legal) and living in many cities has allowed me to develop a broad set of tools with which to help you get organized.


Director of Technology, 2013
Director of Marketing, 2012