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Start on your life goals today (part two)

See part one here.

Do you ever ask yourself why you're so good at finishing projects at work, and yet personal projects that involve your life goals just take the back burner? Maybe you need to take charge as a boss in your own life to get things accomplished.

Did you parents reward you with money when you finished your chores, and you relished getting stars from your teacher when you were in school? Maybe you need to setup an incentive and reward system to motivate yourself.

Do you love shopping but hate going to the gym? Consider only shopping for clothes that you want to fit into, and that'll get you in gear to go to the gym more often.

Above are just examples of how you can re-frame your mind into getting personal goals moving along. Keeping the status quo is always the easier route, but to make improvements in your life, that always involves movement, flow, and that dreaded "c" word: change. Luckily for you, it doesn't take a whole lot to start the ball rolling. All it takes is a little push. There is a lot of truth to the phrase, "baby steps." Here's an example:

You've been tasked on planning next summer's big family vacation. Looking at that alone, it can be such a daunting project. Actually, it is a daunting project. But before we get carried away on "what" needs to get done, let's start with the "why." Defining your objectives will give you direction and purpose. So why are you doing this? You can list several reasons like, spending time with the kids, making memories, taking time off from your hectic work life, or reconnecting with your spouse. These are great reasons to keep you going when you've hit a wall (or the dreaded plateau). Identifying your "why" reels in the project into something that's personal to you. That connection is necessary for your motivation and momentum.

After you've identified your objectives, start writing out individual tasks, and as you've broken down the seemingly-enormous project into bite-sized pieces, it'll start to look easier and doable. Maybe your individual tasks entail checking how many hours of vacation time you have, or checking airfare prices online, or something as simple as asking the kids where they want to go next summer. These are the individual tasks that can get easily done, and the big scary picture of orchestrating a whole family's summer vacation will start to look more exciting, especially when you occasionally remind yourself why you're doing this in the first place: making memories, spending time with the kids, and somewhere along the way, to also reconnect with yourself.

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